Copyright Policies

Participants in NFHTA courses retain copyright of all assignments and posts completed by that individual; however, all materials may be used for educational purposes within the given course. In group projects, only the portion of the work completed by that individual is copyrighted by that individual. NFHTA may request that your materials be shared with future courses, but such sharing will only be done with your consent. The information that you submit during a course may; however, be used for the purposes of administrative data collection and research. No personal information is retained without the student’s consent.

NFHTA courses and materials are copyrighted. The copyrights of all non-student work are owned by NFHTA except in cases where the original creator retains copyright of the material. Hardcopy course materials may not be mirrored, replicated, reproduced, or distributed without the expressed written permission of NFHTA administration. You are free to view and print material from NFHTA sites as long as:

  • The material is used for information only.
  • The material is used for non-commercial purposes only.
  • Copies of any material include the respective copyright notice.

Copyrights to external links are owned and/or the responsibility of those external sites.