IMPORTANT!  Please read all NFHTA policies and registration requirements before creating a student account or registering for a course.

Cancellation and No Show Policy
Students are expected to follow the NFHTA code of conduct and to notify NFHTA within the required timeframes for course cancellations, substitutions, and transfers.  Strict timeframes apply for processing these changes and refunds are limited by this policy as follows… [Read More]

Transfers and Substitutions
NFHTA defines a transfer as the movement of your registration for one course to a future session of the same course. To transfer... [Read More]

Tuition and Payment
All students, including agencies funded under the Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP), are required to pay tuition and all expenses associated with travel and lodging. In most cases, tuition must be paid in full to complete the registration process and reserve a seat in the class… [Read More]

Classroom Training Policy
Students are expected to attend each day of class and to fully participate. Scoring, testing, and successful course completion are dependent upon several factors… [Read More]

Distance Learning Policy
Students are expected to log the required time for online courses. Scoring, testing, and successful course completion are dependent upon several factors… [Read More]

Student Conduct
Consistent with the standard Code of Conduct Practice of Respect, NFHTA considers hateful, inflammatory, and person-directed derogatory comments to be unacceptable behavior in NFHTA courses. Parties involved in such behavior... [Read More]

NFHTA makes every practical effort to ensure that our programs are accessible to persons with disabilities.  Students must notify NFHTA in advance in order to request reasonable accommodation for the following… [Read More]

Copyright Policy
Rights to webpage content and NFHTA courses and materials are restricted as follows… [Read More]

Privacy Policy
Personally identifiable information required by NFHTA to create your enrollment record is held in confidence under provisions established by the Family Rights and Privacy Act as amended in 1995. NFHTA will not make public personally identifiable participant information without written consent from the participant, except…  [Read More]

Reserved Rights
NFHTA makes every effort to ensure each class is delivered as advertised. However, NFHTA reserves the right to make changes to...  [Read More]