Fair Housing: The Backstory

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You May Be Familiar with Current Fair Housing Issues, but Do You Know the Events and People that Brought Us to Where We Are Today?

To help fair housing, real estate, and housing management and finance professionals be more effective, NFHTA has developed Fair Housing: The Backstory. This five-lesson, online seminar examines the complex history of housing discrimination in America and the steps taken to overcome it. Fair Housing: The Backstory provides a comprehensive overview of fair housing history, and also serves as an exceptional prequel to the weeklong Fair Housing Investigator courses.

With Fair Housing: The Backstory, participants have two weeks to complete the lessons. During that time, they have access to an interactive discussion board that provides points to ponder and allows participants to share their thoughts and insights with other participants and the instructor.

Fair Housing: The Backstory lessons are:

  • 1866—1918: End of the Civil War and Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 through World War I
  • 1918—1932: After the End of World War I through the New Deal
  • 1932—1944: New Deal to World War II
  • 1944—1956: World War II to Implementation of Interstate Highway System
  • 1948—1968: Fair Housing Movement


Course No. Date Location Tuition
January 9-27, 2017
  Online $250 USD
April 3-20, 2017
  Online $250 USD
July 12-31, 2017
  Online $250 USD